Visitor Management

  • Department-wise, Employee-wise visitors
  • Company-wise Visitors
  • Frequent Visitors
  • Long duration multi-entry log

Material IO

  • Query reports based on Transaction (outward, inward), department, item, status (pending, returned), date, vendor etc.

Contract worker Module

  • Contractor, worker Biodata and list
  • Contractor, worker status reports
  • Attendance reports (department-wise, contractor-wise, shift-wise etc.)
  • Daily and monthly utilization reports
  • Statutory reports

Vehicle module

  • Query-based reports

Graphical and Statistical snapshots

  • Line/BarCharts for
    • Total, new, repeat, current visitors
    • Average time, overstaying visitors
    • “Missing Exitâ€� instances
  • Pie charts for visitor distribution, purpose of visit etc.
  • Top dataviews for Hosts, departments, organisations, purpose etc.